“I would warmly recomend anybody to consider Val s group, both if you can dedicate time to trading and also if you have a job or something else that takes your time, as her signals are by far the cleanest… Read more “Testimonial”



“I entered the Val’s group by chance, by word of mouth. A few months earlier, I had entered the crypto world for the first time, following a paid group that made me loose more than 50% of the capital invested.… Read more “Feedback”



Je me suis lancé dans la crypto depuis une petite année et sans doute que ma meilleure décision est de rejoindre le groupe de Val. Si vous voulez apprendre, comprendre et en plus faire des trades gagnants vous êtes sincèrement… Read more “Testimonial”



Like a lot of people I got into Crypto Q3 2017 and made some good money when all you had to do was buy and watch it go up.
Having no experience as a trader I lost a lot… Read more “Testimonial”

Rich W


Val offers amazing swing trades and if you have the patience and money managment skills you will do well by following her advice. Her famous sayings “put sl in profit and exit at targets” you dont follow this … expect… Read more “Testimonial”


I had been in crypto since 2018 and lost money in several trades. I followed a lot of “twetter gurus” but my results went from bad to worst. Someday I read someone to suggest not pay attention to everyone, because… Read more “”

Carlos Q


To start with, I made a fortune in 2017 Bull Run and then lost it all including my capital in 2018!! Joined various paid groups to make it all back but the bear market got better of me every damn… Read more “Testimonial:-“


My review:-

I can well recommend Val’s crypto trading services. Having been with her about a month, I have seen her setups producting healthy net profit. This is not surprising given her exceptional charting abilities & regimented approach to risk management. She… Read more “My review:-“