I had been in crypto since 2018 and lost money in several trades. I followed a lot of “twetter gurus” but my results went from bad to worst.

Someday I read someone to suggest not pay attention to everyone, because each has its own technique so you get confussed easily (and also there are a lot of scammers). So I decided just to follow one or two. Val was one of my choice. Then she started the group so I joined.

To be honest Val has her own method that you have to follow. After I “taught” that it was clear for me, I started trading with very good results, so I came greedy and was liquitated several times. It was not because Val’s system, it was because I forgot to use her rules and the capital protection.

After loose money, I started again, but this time I decided to strictly follow the rules. Guess what ? I am on track again. Step by step I had been recovering my loses.

The trading is preplanned and must of them are succesful. You have a lot of time to set the trades. Sometimes you need more patience than others but that is another virtue that I learned in the group.

I am grateful to be part of the group, Val is really taking care of all of us. She is very helpful and sometimes you feel that you went back to school because she teaches us but also scolds us, for doing something different than the instructions and rules she gave us.

Since I joined the group I learned from Val a lot of things, but must important:

– how to protect capital
– risk management
– not FUD
– patience
– not to be greedy

From different experiences in life, I realized that you can not be millionaire in a short period of time. So the person that sells you that is a scam for sure. Vals gives the planned trades and the way to minimize the loss if the trade goes on the other way. With Val’s method not all the trades are succesful but must of them are. You will have good trades but also bad trades, but step by step your capital will increase and that is the results I am looking for.

The conclusion for me is that Val
is a real person (with a great heart) in a real world, giving you the opportunity to win real money. I am so grateful with her and I am sure that I will achieve my financial objectives with her advices.

Carlos Q